Rating Feedback for Dr. Callan (1244050)

The rating:
'DON'T go and see Peter Callan about your nose if you have anything more than a minor cosmetic concern. He has no idea how to fix most nose issues, and he knows it; but instead of being honest to his patients he lies and tells them the problem CAN'T be fixed (not just that HE doesn't know how to because he's not a very good surgeon). If anyone has a crooked nose he either tells them it can't be fixed or fobs them off to Noel Russell (an ENT) for a septoplasty (Noel's septoplasties DON'T straighten the nose, and leave the patient with a drooping tip and hanging columella; and the patient is also worse off because Noel's super-aggressive technique leaves them no "spare" septum if they ever want their nose repaired by a surgeon who actually knows what they're doing). Peter also has no real idea how to perform secondary nose surgery, which is why when patients come to him for a revision he pressures them into getting juvederm injections instead.'
Dr Russell is not a cosmetic surgeon. He is trained to correct functional problems not to change the shape of vain people's noses. Dr Russell is a fantastic surgeon and shouldn't be blamed for the "fobbing off" by other surgeons.