Rating Feedback for Dr. Naftali (2615680)

The rating:
'Dr. Naftali is top-notch, friendly and professional- keeps up to date on new methods of testing and eye diseases. Scheduling appointments is also easy and friendly. Questions regarding fees and glasses are not always answered on the spot due to the need of being answered by staff sometimes not present at the time I am there for my appointment. This is a little frustrating but the doctor's excellent care is worth the inconvenience of those issues.'
Thank you for taking the time to review our office. I'm glad you were so satisfied with scheduling your appointment and the quality of your examination. I'm concerned, however, about the difficulty you encountered with your questions about fees and glasses.

We certainly aim to answer your questions as openly and promptly as possible. If you contact the office we will certainly answer any remaining questions you may have. One difficulty we do have is difficulty receiving coverage information from Blue Cross Blue Shield. As a service to our patients we always look up their coverage to let each patient (with any insurance coverage) know their status in advance of their exam. Unfortunately, Blue Cross Blue Shield does not fully provide this information until the exam is actually submitted for coverage.