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'Please think twice before using this surgeon. I had a breast augmentation with this doctor and ended up with multiple complications. He over-dissected my cleavage and crease area which caused symmastia and bottoming out. When I spoke with him about it he would only admit to "malposition." I suspect this was because symmastia is caused by surgical error. He offered to fix it for free which is not his policy, however I did not trust him at that point. I asked for at least a partial refund so I could afford to have the complex repair with a specialist. He told me he would discuss the refund with some of his "colleagues" and get back to me. I ended up having to call him and he told me "refunds are really not given in this business." This doctor does not care about his patients. Not only is he unskilled, but he is a nasty person. I would not trust his good rating on this site since multiple honest and accurate bad reviews have been deleted.'
How big we're you going? Are u thin?

I asked for a large B/ small

I asked for a large B/ small C and ended up going with 300ccs. Dr. Demianczuk chose the profile which was mod +. I am thin but I did not go too large for my body. The surgeon that performed my repair said that my muscles and tissue were almost completely dissected and basically just hanging on by a thread. This is what caused my symmastia.

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