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The rating:
'I had a breast augmentation performed by Dr.Demianczuk a few years ago. Before performing my surgery, he thought it would be best to go with a periareolar incision because of my fair skin. After discussing my concerns around breastfeeding in the future, he assured me that this incision would be comparable to other incisions with respect to future breastfeeding success. After struggling for many months and seeing numerous doctors, I have been told that I will NEVER be able to successfully breastfeed my children because of the moderate scarring that occurred after surgery and severed milk ducts; breastfeeding physicians and numerous lactation consultants have now confirmed this. Because of either his lack of knowledge with respect to this and/or his boldface lies I have been robbed of one of the most pleasurable parts of motherhood. Please ladies considering breast surgery, do NOT let this doctor or any other cut around you areolas.'
Sorry but isn't that a risk you take when you consent to having breast augmentation. I