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'This doctor actually listens to what the patient wants, his or her concerns. I had a rhinoplasty several years ago with a very popular doctor in Carmel, IN. It was a disaster not only because the doctor gave me a tilted up cheerleader nose, a cookie cutter pattern many doctors use, but it was also disasterous becuase I went to another local doctor(Carmel,IN) to fix it and it made the problem even worse. I then had breathing and cosmetic problems. Dr.Biggerstaff knows what is right for the INDIVIDUAL, and sees beauty in many forms. He was able to work with my situation, fix my breathing, and give me a beautiful outcome that suits me, and considered more "ethnic rhinoplasty". This man can think outside the box, he is realistic and very honest. He takes his time, and gives you an idea by working images up on a computer first for you. His office is outdated, staff not proficient. YOu will do most of the communication work, but your results will be A+.'
Rhino. cost 10,000?