Rating Feedback for Dr. Truong (1498718)

The rating:
'Even though the clinic is very busy all the time, the front staff know what to do in a calm and professional manner. Ms. Linh, Ms. Cuc, Ms. Yen, Miss Queenie, Ms. Gai, Ms. Kathy, and Ms. Nhi are always helpful and wonderful. These staff know what to do before patients see the doctor. For example, they do urine test for pregnant, urinary tract infection, and urine for protein and blood etc. By doing that, it saves alot of time for both patients and doctors as well as other patients who are waiting to see the doctor. Dr. Do always makes sure that his patients' concerns are answered. In this day and age, he still visits his patients who cannot come to his office due to physical/mental problems. His wife, Dr. Kim, is very kind and caring doctor. She takes care of pregnant women well. Their son, Dr. Barney Tam Truong- a very caring and knowledgeable doctor- his patients are always first. The Vietnamese/Chinese community is blessed to have them as their doctors. May God bless them!'
May God bless the physicians. I do question the front staff professionalism, integrity and personality traits. Frankly I don't think another clinic would hire some of them if they need to find similiar job due to their poor interpersonal skills. Face it every medical clinics face similiar challenges but at the end of the day we're only humans and they should treat every patient that come through the door with basic dignity and respect. About the on site tests the Calgary Laboratory Services is a better place to handle these tasks. They have a lab and qualified technician. Bottom line is if any patient or family of patients that can speak and understand basic English, then I think you should visit another clinic or even attend a walk-in where for the most part the services are more civilized.