Rating Feedback for Dr. Contomitros (1573807)

The rating:
'It would be easy for Dr. Contomitros to become jaded with her line of work. However, my visit as a first-time patient was the best experience I have ever had with a doctor. A woman who is very shy about her body and sexuality (I grew up with a strict Catholic background), I was scared to death to go in for my visit/exam. However, she put me at total ease: she was kind, a good listener, and sympathetic to both my emotional and financial needs. (I am uninsured and employed part-time, but she was willing to work with that.) The first thing she did was tell me not to be afraid, and the last thing she did was send me off with a warm embrace. A doctor with a human side? I never knew such a thing existed! The entire female staff was also kind and calming. Yes, this clinic does provide abortions, but no matter where you stand on the issue, this is hands down the best place to go for standard ob/gyn services.'
Thank you very much for your compliment.
We are happy to hear that we provided excellent service!

We hope to continue to do so for you and all other women patients that need our services.