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The rating:
'Don't go to this quack.....she put the wong pap smear results in another persons file rather than my daughters. Now....10 months later when my daughter called to make her annual apt. she finds out her last pap smear came back abnormal!! They could not find the result at first and had to call her back because they were in someone else file!!!! Now she will not make it right be paying for the lab fee of only 100.00 for a test she really needs now. My daughter had insurance back then and the test would have been covered but now she will need to pay out of pocket. I plan to picket her office....Please pass the word around as this is so wrong. Seems no one wants to take any responsiblity these days!!! Hoping and praying my baby girl is okay...her name is Dr.Anna Contomitros, MD, Woman To Woman Gynecology, 7908 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas. so pissed!!!!!!!!'
For this concerned parent i can only say that i understand the frustration and fear that she has experienced!

We aim to be as thorough as possible. All medical work is delivered by human beings. Our office trains staff as to proper filing of test results..but sometimes even with the best intentions our actions fall short. We are human beings after all.

In our defence, we humbly admited the error and acted to restore service and regain our trust with the patient.

We acted in good faith with humulity and regret.
We believe that we were forgiven.

To the concerned parent i offer a service recovery meeting so that she may express her concerns and hear our apologies for the filing error.