Rating Feedback for Dr. Kahana (2078586)

The rating:
'Giant ego. Do not get a second opinion or question his methods because his demeanor changes to condescending and rudeness. Never go to him again. By the way his diagnosis was wrong.'
This is not true and I always encourage my patients to seek a second opinion if they so desire, so I'm honestly baffled by this review and suspect that it was written by a fictional patient.

I am happy to offer all patients a complete satisfaction guarantee if for any reason at all you do not find our encounter productive. I often spend an hour or more with patients, discussing health and nutrition and natural means to improve health, and my demeanor is always professional and well-mannered.

It is unfortunate that a single negative review can linger and I hope that some additional positive reviews will help dismiss this maleficent one.

Thank you,
Dr. Kahana