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The rating:
'My results were a far cry from his before and after photos and what he said he could do. Very disappointing and the prices were higher than other more experienced cosmetic MDs. I didn't realize he's not a board certified plastic surgeon but an ENT.'
First of all let me just say writing an erroneous review and lying is not what this site was intended for. This person clearly has no idea what he/she is talking about! Every patient is different given their case and the before and after pictures presented are to give an understanding of the general outcome. Every outcome for every patient is clearly stated by Dr. Sepehr during the consultation and from my experience with him he doesn't over sell or under sell it he tells you EXACTLY what to expect. As for his prices I personally have done extensive shopping and have had a few procedures done myself and his prices are the lowest I have ever come across. I would urge anyone to please check up on his prices and compare them to anyone else just so you know who is lying here. Lastly the reason I say this person has no idea what they are talking about and their whole comment holds no merit or value is because the most blatant lie they have made is the fact that Dr. Sepehr is not a board certified plastic surgeon. If you go to Dr. Sepehr's office you will see his BOARD CERTIFICATION clearly posted up in his office, or you can even google his name and they all say "BOARD CERTIFIED".