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The rating:
'I saw Marla 1yr ago, she was amazing. Unfortunately I wasn't ready, now I'm ready and sadly she's gone. I met with the Dr who was arrogant and extremely flirtations, which I found extremely uncomfortable and so was my husband. He discarded what Marla had recommended and went in a completely different direction. He quoted "she's not here for a reason she's not the doctor"! Afterwords I tried asking his staff where Marla was and they were all uncomfortable and rude, looking down at the ground is not a good answer! The one girl Shelly or Sheryl or something like that said its all for the better now! Very uncomfortable. In the end I went with another Dr who recommended the same as Marla and I am extremely happy. Ladies be CAREFUL! It looks like someone is out to prove themselves as a surgeon or a great staff member who knows NOTHING and doesn't want their staff or ex-staff to look like they know what they were doing!!!!!!!'
Come on now...
I have been going to Dr. Turner for YEARS and have actually had surgery done. He has always been professional, never flirtatious (not extremely flirtations). Trust me I've tried to flirt to no avail, and I bet my house that I'm better looking than you.

The fact that you went out of your way to bad mouth Dr.Turner and his staff (when you haven't even had surgery yet) on here and to pump 'Marla's' tires tells me one of four things:

a) You ARE Marla
b) You are FRIENDS with Marla
c) You don't know the REAL Marla
d) You ARE Marla

C'mon, "Shelly or Sheryl or something like that"? What are you twelve?

The Ladies in Dr. Turner's office are very kind and compassionate. He is the number one Breast Surgeon in the country.

I suggest ladies, don't take the word of a clearly disgruntled "potential patient"
(ya right). Find out for yourselves and meet the staff and Dr. Turner.