Rating Feedback for Dr. Tavakoli (2540899)

The rating:
'I rang the clinic to ask if they could please email or post me an information package about Dr Tavakoli when I was promptly told that they don't give out information and I should read the web page. To my disbelief I had of course already browsed and read his web page and the questions I had were not answered. The staff at the Bella Vista office are snobby an rude. Not what you want when your looking to spend big $'
I wish I had seen some more negative views before I went to Dr Tavakoli. It was right in front of my eyes but I guess I was too eager to have the procedure and thought he was good. I agree with you about the staff. They are rude and stuck up. I felt uncomfortable around them. They're definitely not welcoming. The aftercare was terrible. Not one follow up call or anything. But again I brushed this until I had concerns with the procedure. This saw a different tune in the Dr. He became completely rude and arrogant to my concerns. My partner and I both feel he was more about the money and once he had that in his hands he couldn't care less.
I can say I feel I have been taken advantage of and left high and dry. I would never recommend this Doctor. It doesn't take much for him or his staff to make a courtesy call to see how their patient has been. The cost of one call doesn't come close to the many thousands of dollars he recieved.