Rating Feedback for Dr. Dobrowolski (2618100)

The rating:
'Dr. Stan Doborowski has been my doctor for about 5 years. He has always been kind and supportive. He helped me to retrain after my profession ended due to a lack of ethics on the part of my employer. I went on to complete a second MA and had to rebuild my life pretty well from scratch personally and professionally. He was always kind and approachable and I miss the engaging conversations, education and compassion. I owe this doctor alot as even though he was paid well for his time it was an investment on his part when I needed someone with his skill set to talk to. I appreciate the positives from my relationship with him in earning how to cope with depression and anxiety over the years. Today I am doing alot better then when I first met him thanks to the right meds and his caring. Given the choice I would still be talking to him now but his practice has been forced to close. It will not be easy to find another psychiatrist in London. In short he saved my life.'
This is an unbelievably painful time for many people, and from your post it is so clear that you are grieving the loss of what - for you - was a great medical relationship. I hope that you can take the healing and strength you found with him over the past few years and use that carry on with your healing and personal growth. He would want that, I believe. Just a thought, though: In 2004 our doctor was given a second chance at his practice, after the prosecutor for the CPSO made it clear he was fighting to see Dr. D's license revoked. Part of the "deal" , which came from the divisional court of Ontario, was that he was under no circumstances to engage in physical examination of a patient. Clearly physical exams were given - to numerous patients - over the course of many years since that order was given. I wouldn't say, then, that his practice was forced to close. Dr. Dobrowolski chose to disregard those orders, and in doing that he placed himself - and all of us - in jeopardy. Dr. Dobrowolski forced the CPSO to close his practice by making it clear that they could not trust him. I don't say any of this to be insensitive. Many patients - including those related to the criminal charges -have a lot of healing to do. The first step, I think, is recognizing where the responsibility for this lies, and then forgiving. Just a thought.