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'I was sent to Dr Viljoen for my second child - my original ob Dr had moved away for a while. During my visits Dr had informed me I had group b strep and needed a needle and iv at the time of birth. I informed my Dr. that the baby would be big and probably would need a c section because of having broken pelvic bones when I was younger. My arrival to the hospital I informed the nurse of this needle and Iv. She said there was nothing in the chart and that I could not worry about the out come of my baby now. My son was almost 9 pds. He was born blue with the cord around his neck twice. But Dr. Viljoen also broke my sons collar bone (because he was too big). My son had to wear a sling for the first 8 weeks of his life. It was a terrifying delivery as I almost lost my son. My family Dr. wanted me to sue him but I did not and I should have. When we checked my sons files at our Drs - Dr. Viljoen had left out that my son had a broken collar bone - how convenient and imagine that....'
OMG, I am so sorry to hear of your horrific experience. I too had a horrible experience with him, although I have never met the man. I was a high risk pregnancy with twins and my water broke 6 weeks early and he sent me home twice. After reading your experience, I am so glad that my gut said go to Mac. I can't even imagine the outcome had I have went home due to his poor judgement call. I wish you would have sued the crap out of him.