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'I was referred to Dr. Akingbola by my doctor when I found out I was pregnant. I loved the receptionist she was amazing, but Dr. Akingbola I found did not really pay attention and seemed like he was always busy doing something else. It was my first child and I was scared about the labour, he did not make me feel any better and to top it all off he did not show to be the doctor when I was in labour. My daughter almost died because of this her cord was wrapped around her neck twice, the doctor who did the labour was not very good and when I was not able to breath and was masked because of it and weak unable to do anything they finally did a c-section where they claimed I couldn't feel them poking me with the knife when I could and cut into me, when they realized I could really feel it they had to knock me out. I am pregnant again and will not go to the doctor a second time, I actually have a phobia of labour because of this doctor and am more then scared to give birth to my second child.'
The Anesthetist is responsible for any pain you felt during surgical procedure not the surgeon. You indicated DR AKINGBOLA was not there for your labor . so why blame him ?
are you aware of relevant Canadian laws on LIBEL ? You are not totally anonymous as you might want to think.

“……..im a R N on the same

“……..im a R N on the same floor and i remmember your case clearly”

If you are an R N I hope doctor Akingbola is paying you extra to respond to his negative ratings, very loyal of you “nurse”.

If the patient admitted the doctor wasn't there, where’s the libel?

I am sorry but no women

I am sorry but no women should have to have a doctor like this man and if you are a nurse you have no compassion for patient care. This women has been traumatized as well as many others. I don't think Mr. Akingbola is libel for much....

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