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'Dr. Girvan performed a prostate removal surgery on me in late February. I have nothing praise for him , his staff, and supporting physicians. Dr. Girvan carefully reviewed my options before we agreed that surgery was the best route. He answered all my questions in detail and was very patient with me. During rounds at the hospital he was not in a rush and once again very patient with my questions. The group of physicians that Dr.Girvan shared rounds with and that did the catheter removal were also kind and patient in their treatment of me. I am very pleased to have such a young physician to deal with my issues and would recommend him with great confidence that others would also be pleased with him.'
Was wondering your age, how you are feeling and what surgical procedure Dr. Girvan used.


In response to your question.

In response to your question. I am 67 years old. I had a cancerous prostate removed as well some lymph glands and whatever else is usually removed in this procedure. He used the"old" method of incision which is what I would have requested given the other choices. I am not a doctor but felt this approach was the best in terms of really seeing the surrounding tissue. I had no discomfort from the surgery due to the meds you are on in recovery. The incision was itchy early in the healing but is now fine. The pelvic floor is a little tender if I catch the edge of a chair while sitting down. Your bodily functions take some time to get back on schedule and wearing Depends is no big deal. I hope this helps.

Thanks so much for

Thanks so much for responding. So you were not intrigued by the robotic surgery options e.g., Da Vinci, or radiation therapy I guess. Did he refer you to a radiologist before you made the election or was it a non-started based on your diagnosis? I've been diagnosed with Gleason 8, T2b (single quadrant) but with relatively low PSA; what were your stats initially? Are you off Depends and having better continence yet? Also, I'd be interested in what you might be expecting in terms of ED near and far term and if you are experiencing discomfort after sexual relations, assuming you have been able to. I've just had my MRI and my bone scan is next Tuesday, so I still have to play the waiting game for my way forward while I do more DD.

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