Rating Feedback for Dr. Nikko (2608925)

The rating:
'DO NOT USE DR NIKKO!! HE IS A DERMATOLOGIST NOT A PLASTIC SURGEON!! After I posted my first review about Dr Nikko, my daughter recieved a letter from him saying he would do another surgery to correct his screw ups if I would remove my reviews about him online. I WILL NEVER STOP WARNING PEOPLE ABOUT THIS DR THAT IS PRETENDING TO BE A PLASTIC SURGEON!!!! TERRIBLE OUTCOME!!'
We want all patients to have a positive experience with our practice. We respect your right to have whatever opinion you want. But, these are the facts. Your 24 year old daughter presented to our practice. She had previous surgery by another surgeon and presented with a â??double bubbleâ?? deformity. She wanted a revision with smaller implants. In January 2012, we did exactly that. We placed smaller implants and performed a mastopexy. A half a year later you accompanied your daughter and requested even smaller implants. We wanted to allow some time to pass to better appreciate the ultimate outcome before committing to another surgery. And we agreed on waiting.

Late 2012, you still requested a revision for your daughter with smaller implants. We explained we would waive our professional fee for the revision, but, there would be a charge for the new implants and the facility. We thought this was fair. Over time, to accommodate your request, we were open to waiving all fees. We are comfortable our results would pass technical scrutiny. Your daughter had a nice aesthetic result. If we have your daughterâ??s permission we could demonstrate via our routine post-op photos that your description of the results is just not accurate. Obviously, we will maintain full confidentiality. Simply put, you wanted all fees waived for a redo based on a decision you and your daughter made. We did our best to work with you. I will not respond further. I wish you and your daughter well.