Rating Feedback for Dr. Davis (1535258)

The rating:
'Dr Davis is really good at a holistic approach to women's issues. Her staff is great. But the initial visit and whole woman evaluation is pushed on you and includes several superficial cosmetic components. This is very off-putting. Her actual tests were outstanding. Berkely heart panel and spectrum vitamin. But I feel all these cosmetic procedures are nonsense. Now she has gotten so busy- you don't see her - only her PA.- but you still pay her over the top prices. But she is one of the few Drs who understand bio-identical hormones. I couldn't get an appt for an infection before a week! And that's with the PA. Sad. AND she doesn't take insurance.'
100% agree with this poster. Although I do like her P.A. better than her - I don't feel you should pay the same exorbitant rate to see a P.A. And really - the only reason I went to her is because she prescribes the natural hormones and thyroid. Really, I need a gynecologist that does this. And I really resented being told I had to buy a "cosmetic package" in the beginning. My mother went to her and told her she couldn't afford the package and they let her just do the tests only. I felt ripped off. And I don't want all those stupid cosmetic procedures!! Although after that initial visit - they haven't pushed these procedures.