Rating Feedback for Dr. SMITH (2603614)

The rating:
Dr. Smith is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me find a perfect pair of glasses, and he carefully explained everything I wished to know. I would gladly see Dr. Smith again if it wasn't for his incredibly rude staff. Every staff member I encountered was disrespectful, insulting, and judgmental. Despite Dr. Smith being a fantastic doctor, because of the terrible behavior of his staff, I cannot recommend his services.'[/color]
For those people who know the doctor, a fair description may be passionate, compassionate, engaging, caring, and someone who spends a minimum of 45 minutes with each and every patient. What is odd is for someone to describe another person that way considering the positive comments made about the doctor. If this person had any issue with any staff member, it would have been more appropriate for the person to call the doctor so he can be aware of the specifics and to resolve it himself. If you go to www.kudzu.com, there is a more appropriate and realistic review of this doctor.