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'Money, money, money : That's all it is with Dr. Moussa.. I was born with vision problems and had 2 corrective surgeries as a child. Now in my adulthood I am having extreme pain and focusing probs due to my accommodative esoptropia. I have been waiting to see a surgeon in Toronto and I decided to look into vision therapy as an option. After a student did my eye exam Dr. Moussa came in and said they won't do surgery on you, you are too old. I can correct your vision and rid of your headaches through 70 sessions of therapy. I asked if there is a money back guarantee for his services and he laughed and said "No", I said what makes you think I am going to give you $5500 with no guarantee? I wouldn't buy a car without a guarantee this is my health! If the government and insurance companies won't cover this therapy doesn't that tell you something?? It may work for some but doesn't work for all. He felt I could finance it with my bank or he could put me on a payment plan..yowsie..'
Unfortunately conditions like this is highly unpredictable since 2 surgeries has been done and hard to predict or give guarantees to what extent it will improve. The patient doesnot commit to long term payment and if they find improvement then they can continue with the therapy. patient can pay session by session and can pay over some time if they would like to do the therapy. Unfortunately Ohip doesnot cover vision therapy in ontario but some insurances do and its always advisable to take a second to take a second opinion, since there might be other options we are not aware off.