Rating Feedback for Dr. Haq (2494202)

The rating:
'I have been waiting to see him he has had my referral sitting on his deck and his secretary has ignored my calls to get appointment my referrals where put in June 2012 and I am still waiting at first the secretary said she did get my referrals than I had to phone the emergency department to get them to Fax the referrals to him again patient that are seen at the emergency department should not have to wait they should put the first'
If I might make a suggestion...Have your Doctor make a referral to Dr Garth Johnson in Toronto. I had surgery with Dr Haq and regret it. My back surgery failed, I live with pain and dysfunction. Although Haq did not make promises as my surgery was extensive, but after being re referred to him I was treated with disrespect and My wife was treated poorly when she tried to get an understanding of what he was saying, He degrades women. Not sure if its a cultural thing, but I could not in good faith recommend him.