Rating Feedback for Dr. Ki (2520598)

The rating:
'This is a terrible dentist. After only a week after receiving a filling from Dr. Ki it fell out while I was eating cottage cheese. When I returned to her office to have it replace she said I then needed a crown. The shot she gave me for the filling was extremely painful and continued to hurt up until I returned to inquire about a replacement filling. She told me because I missed one check up at my six months mark that I needed a deep cleaning and that she was willing to help me schedule payments which she knows my insurance does not cover. Every time I go in I am required by her to receive x-rays (full mouth pano). I feel she does what it takes to make money and even providing a gapped filling to do so. I receive phone calls constantly from her office to this day even when I asked to no longer be called. I do not wish her poor services on anyone.'
We are aware that this is a disgruntled employee who made this rating. The fillings done in our office have never fallen out, nor do we recommend treatment that is unnecessary. Only those in this profession would use vocabulary such as "pano" to refer to the full mouth panographic xray that is taken at a dental visit. When patients ask to no longer receive phone calls, we respect their wishes and no longer call them.