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'We've had a very positive experience w/ Dr. Chuong & his staff & are now pregnant w/ a singleton. We had a lot of ups & downs to get here but through it all, Dr. Chuong & his staff explained the procedures, the odds of each, and were there for all our questions, even answering via email in the evenings. ART IS expensive esp. if insurance doesn't help, but go into it expecting that reality & as an informed, educated patient knowing the procedures & the likelihood of success. Cooper Institute was very helpful at knowing when our insurance would pay due to previous cysts. With a perfect cycle, IVF success rates are only about 40%, which means multiple cycles may be needed. We had to do 2 to get a successful outcome but then we knew that both from research & Dr. Chuong's patient explanations. After all, what are your chances without ART? I would recommend Cooper Institute to anyone esp. hard to serve patients, who other clinics may refuse to keep their success rates artificially high.'
Thank you so much for your review ...Antoinette