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The rating:
'I really don't know how this doctor got as many good reviews as he did ... he was late, I had to wait for 45 minutes before he came to see me, and then I went to my General Practitioner for follow-up because I needed antibiotics and was told that HE could and would have done the same procedure I paid Dr. Young for ... without charging me anything out of pocket. It cost me $525 to get the work done from Dr. Young. I feel like a fool.'
I've been seeing him for over 12 years and can't say I have met a medical professional that is better than him in any field! I doubt any GP could do what a specialist does, whether its your feet or your brain. Dr. Young is the consummate professional and he's helped my wife and I and numerous family and friends. There isn't anyone I have been more confident in referring over the years in the medical field! So sorry it didn't work out for you but I want to assure you that we have had a fantastic experience and he has always tried his best with us. Good luck!