Rating Feedback for Dr. Fetaz (646984)

The rating:
'I Saw Dr. Fetaz on 2 occasions for minor depression and axiety as well as burn out. I was in quite an emotional state due to very difficult circumstances and although I was given time off of work she basically told me I needed to "find a way to deal with these issues" without being more specific. On a return visit where I explained no improvement she sighed and said "What do you want from me?" While she was filling out my short term disability form she ignored me when I told her I was experiencing chest pains and whether it could be due to anxiety and wondering what I could do. She tuned me out, filled out my form, and within 5 minutes I was out front paying $50 for one page. I moved to another doctor and they charged me almost $45 to photocopy ONE SHEET of my records. Terrible, terrible, terrible. This woman appears to dislike her job, and rushes people in and out so she can make her daily quota of money. Staff are inconsiderate and do not follow up on documentation or requests.'
I agree with you it does seem like she is a very unhappy lady and definitely does not like her job!