Rating Feedback for Dr. Ceasar (765954)

The rating:
'I agree she dropped me also. I only seen her a few times. I called to check on my appointment and I was notified that she was no longer seeing me with no excuse from her just office personel. She left me hanging without any prescription refills or a letter or phone call. I must go without my medicine for a month and I just had a serious auto accident. Don't waste your time on this one.'
Agreed completely. This accords EXACTLY with my experience. I don't want someone's career to be ruined but you reap what you sow. Someone in the business of compassion treats you like you're a dog. Of course, the reality is, it really has little to nothing to do with care; psychiatry is a for-profit business and, therefore, humans with feelings are expendable if something gets in the way of the process. Caesar is not truly imbued with compassion, it's an affectation only - a mask, a guise to try and play the "role" of a compassionate person.