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'I have a unhealthy fear of visiting dentists. His front staff were very helpful and accomodating. The techs were friendly and well trained. The doctor was open and would discuss anything. I have had extreactions in the past that, because of my root structure, were nightmares. His proceedure was quick, mostly painless, and I had little need of the pain meds. First class service.'
Did Dr Nelson or his staff give you money or reduce your bill to provide this statement?

I think Luanne N wrote this

I think Luanne N wrote this herself. SHE has an unhealthy fear of dentists, she says. Yet she married a rich one! And has now driven the poor man to the brink of disaster. Former employees say she hits him in her fits of fury, too. Why do we always seem to get the bottom of the barrel here at the end of the road?

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