Rating Feedback for Dr. Leber (1549009)

The rating:
'I was a transfer patient from a PM Dr.in Tampa. I hated to give up my wonderful Dr just because I moved but I did and this Dr(Leber) is NOT the one to go to for help. He is so condesending as is his PA who thinks everyone is drug seeking. Neither ever looked at my chart,MRI or prior Dr notes which I had for him to see what was going on with my health.He really did not care.When I checked out the lady said her computer was down and to call for a follow up appt. yet the man behind me got his appt. no problem! I would NOT recommend this Dr especially if you are female and above all do not see the male PA as he is a horses butt!'
Yes to all the above-as in DITTO!~!
Arrogant from Doctor on down to receptionist!
If you let them they will even kill you with disinterest when the drug they gave you is so problematic it should be discontinued!