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'After having a hysterectomy at the age of 35 I was quite sick and truly felt like my quality of life would be compromised forever! It is now 2 years that I have been under DR.PETTLE's care and have expreienced an improvement in my overall health! I searched high and low and yes I did find three other doctors (covered under OHIP) who would prescribe bio-identical hormones. None compared to Dr. Pettle though! He is knowledgeable, experienced and open to women who want to be included in the decision-making process! Yes, his office is often busy, this is common of ANY reputable specialist with whom I've ever had an appointment...I am more than willing to wait, because my health is worth it! I am also more than willing to pay an extra fee for Dr. Pettle's services because there are not too many doctors who understand and prescribe bio-identical hormones. I feel that he deserves to be compensated for diving into an area that most do not dare and for the fact that he turned my life around!'
Can u please tell me the name of doctors covered by ohip who will do bhrt , I've looked and cannot find any. I really need this help but cannot afford it at all. Thank you so much!

Dr. Agnes Schlanger on Bloor

Dr. Agnes Schlanger on Bloor Street.

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