Rating Feedback for Dr. Oyler (1558889)

The rating:
'Agree with most of the other negative comments on this site. Dr Oyler never bothered to say hello or introduce himself and that pretty much summed up his entire interest in me as a person & patient. Had no helpful suggestions and showed no inclination to do anything other than some very quick physical tests. I would suggest that you google "Standard Neurological Tests" and have someone who has absolutely no interest in you administer the tests and then shrug in a bored manner when you ask them for the results. You will save yourself the gas money and any expectations you may have of being treated professionally.'
This. This exactly. Sigh. He really DOES 'shrug' literally in the bored manner you describe!! I thought you were being fictitious. Not in the slightest. He even did the 'who cares' facial expression that often goes with a disinterested shrug.