Rating Feedback for Dr. SOMMERVILLE (1376467)

The rating:
'I agree with the previous comment. I DO NOT recommend this office. I went to Dr. Sommerville in order to have warts removed. I returned on 3 separate occasions and they had not diminished in the least. They charged me and ungodly amount and when I asked for a supplementary cream to help speed the process, they just kept telling me that they would give it to me the next time. I firmly believe that they were just trying to make money and did not help me get better so that I could continue paying $75 a visit. On my final visit my insurance changed so I needed to bring them my plan number, insurance number, and group number which was more than enough. They told me that they would not treat me if they did not have an insurance card. I tried multiple times to explain that I would not have a card for one week, but that the insurance numbers should suffice. The receptionist is lazy and unwilling to help in any circumstance. On a side note, they made me wait over an hour each visit.'
I absolutely agree with these comments. I just visited this office and Dr. Sommerville today as a first time client -- and DO NOT GO TO THIS WOMAN. Oh my God -- worst doctor's experience I have EVER had and I will not be recommending her services to anyone. She was 30 minutes late to my appointment, met with me for maybe five minutes, then practically shooed me away. Anyone looking for a good, positive experience...DO NOT come here.