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The rating:
'I can't believe this man has MD after his name! He is the worst physician I have ever seen. I am the CEO of a big coorportation in NYC, which I'm not stating should matter but I happen to pride myself of excellent costomer serive and honesty. My 18 year old son who suffers from Epilepsy since birth was told by Dr. Charles that he does not have epilepsy but that he has MS. My son was tested by NY top docs, had EEG's, spinal taps, blood work..you name it he had it, but yet Dr. Charles haveing all this information(results) states he is the best Neuro in the tri state, takes my son off his meds, causing him to have a massive seizure! I will never bring my son thre agai and will not recommend him to anyone...stay away!!!!!'
This is a bogus entry as this patient never existed in our practice. Please submit the identity of the person who submitted this false and slanderous entry. There are consequences for untrue, disparaging remarks that are false.
Fake CEO with all the typos is the first clue of a fake report.
Dr. James Charles and office Administrator