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'I was referred to her by dr. Lo (of course... his wife). First she claimed that she could cure my pain. She is a nice person but honestly does not know what she is doing. I saw ABSOLUTELY NO RESULT. She ordered bunch of blood tests and then vitamins and minerals that really made me sick to my stomach. I do not think she knows what she is doing. What a waste of time and money. Oh by the way she is charging some codes totally unrelated to what she does and will come back and charge you when insurance rejects the claim.'
not sure what you are talking about, how long did you see her? Alternative medicine is not like taking pain meds it takes time to heal inflammation by using a different approach to meds. Pain meds come with addiction and I for one do not want to be addicted to medication which is why I got help from Dr. Chen. I had an iron garage gate hit me on the head, snapped my neck and my choices where pain meds and cortozone which lead to depression and weight gain or try alternative medication, now alternative medication took over 2 years for me to recover, but I am in really good shape today due to Dr Chen. Also when I got my first treatment Dr Chen gave me all the insurance codes she uses so I called my insurance found out what they covered then she worked with me on a plan for how my treatment was going to happen and what I was willing to pay out of pocket for (which she gave me a price on).

My experiences with Dr Chen

My experiences with Dr Chen could not be more different. I was also referred to her by Dr Lo and I believe that the fact they are husband and wife has nothing to do with her treatment. I feel very lucky to be a regular patient of hers. My last integrative medicine Dr did not have the knowledge or ethics to treat me to the level of Dr Chen. To get the full benefit of Dr Chen's expertise, you the patient have to take part in the treatment plan; she makes you an active participant. I damaged my liver from overuse of ibuprofen and Dr Chen has worked diligently, getting me started on different supplements, and watching food & alcohol intake, to get my lab results back to normal range. For the reasons I took the ibuprofen, her hands on treatment of cupping, laser, massage and acupuncture have helped to keep my level of pain down. She constantly asks me to confirm my insurance coverage so that my out of pocket expenses will be kept to a minimum and that I can have treatment for as long as I deem necessary. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Chen and her office to anyone needing this type of care!

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