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'My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Sadiq's since 7/10. Met with us that 4th of July weekend. Dr. Sadiq is one of the most knowledgeable, compassionate, loving and heart warming physician's (not to mention, thorough) that we have ever met. Time? what's time? He goes by no clock. We sat in his office during a difficult time in our lives with the diagnois of our daughters MS and he understood our feelings and felt the emotions with us. That can only happen when you have a truly caring and loving physician. He explained all about MS to us, his research, development and clinical trials. This man IS on the forefront of MS he is definitley on the cutting edge. If there is any one person that will find a cure, it will be DR.SADIQ we are confident of that. AND, yes, we do have his cell number, as well as his home number. This man lives to find the cure, and he will...soon'
My husband was diagnosed with MS in 2008 it was devastating, after truly being disheartened by our 1st Dr. we searched for a new Dr we live in boston and was told of Dr. Sadiq. He is the kindest most compassionate Dr. I have ever met and not only does he not go by a clock he does not go by day of the week. He is available 7 days a week. I agree if there is anyone who will give MS patients quality of life it is him. Dr sadiq gave my husband and I something we did not have in years HOPE!!
Esther Parks