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'Dr. Ledger gave up on me, he told me I was too sensitive and he didn't know what to do for me- he stopped responding to my emails. I have vulvadynia which I had for 3 years. I did expensive dna testing which was useless. He gave me a petroleum based steroid ointment which caused the worst yeast infection. It turns out now that was probably the beginning of another major issue which is that I'm type 1 diabetic. Yet neither he nor any of the other gyn considered that. I still have vulvadynia but a lot of the constant burning symptoms are not nearly as bad now that I'm controlling my blood sugars, yet this was never considered as a possible cause by any of my gyn. I'm seeing another gyn now, estrogen cream helped me a lot, but I'm off it currently do to dvt in my leg. I hope one day to be completely cured of vulvadynia and to have sex and a relationship again.'

I had seen Dr. Ledger few weeks ago. I also have vylvadynia for quite some time and he prescribed Hydrocortizone oinment to me. But I barely noticed any improvement. If there is the doctor that you like, could you please send me his/her contact info?

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Hello, please email me for

Hello, please email me for the name of my new doctor.

Frankly I am very disappointed in ALL my doctors for the past 6 years or so prior to type 1 diagnosis. They all failed me. I could have been diagnosed long before going into dka, nearly dying and suffering a dvt and blood clots. My vision is also affected. My own gp nearly killed me by not putting me in the hospital right away when all my lab work and symptoms pointed to dka and lack of insulin. 6 weeks prior to dka I had another very severe yeast infection, similar to the one that Dr. Ledger treated, with a terrible rash, yet the gyn treating me failed to do a bg test and a simple blood chemistry also. I would have avoided going into a life threatening situation and been treated with insulin if he or an eye doctor I saw simply did a bg test. I recommend to everyone here to test your own bg periodically. You can get a cheap bg meter and test strips at walmart as well as ketone strips. btw, my vulvadynia is not gone yet, unfortunately but I least I know why I had all those other symptoms before. This could easily have been and should have been diagnosed by any one of these doctors. They ALL failed. They should all retire imo- I have fired them all and now I listen to myself and my symptoms not someone who thinks it's all in my head. What a joke!!!

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