Rating Feedback for Dr. Nikko (2508908)

The rating:
'DON'T USE THIS DERMATOLOGIST {DR. NIKKO} FOR PLASTIC SURGERY!!!! He has a sweet personality until after he has screwed up your body from surgery!! My daughter had surgery in Jan 2011, we knew right away Dr Nikko had made serious mistakes!! Dr Nikko asked her to let everything heal, if she wasn't satisfied after everything healed he said, " It will only cost you the cost of new implants if you aren't satisfied!" A year later, she has healed from her surgery wounds but not from the mental anguish Dr Nikko's unprofessional hands have done to her body!!! Let me give you the sad details so you won't make the same mistake we did in trusting a Dermotolist to perform your PLASTIC surgery! She paided for a breast lift(to be perky again) and requested to have her breasts smaller, a(34D)to be exact.She is now a droopy 34 DDD! During her surgery he had to cut around her nipples to make them smaller and then reattach them, well her nipples are NOT round now!DONT LET DR NIKKO DESTROY YOUR BODY TOO!'
I welcome all feedback whether positive, negative or neutral as it helps guide me to provide the best possible experience for each patient. We met several times to discuss options. Aesthetic surgery can be a process, sometimes requiring "touch-up" to reach the desired result. I frequently waive my professional fee to provide such revisions and get patients closer to their desired aesthetic outcome. I want patients to be thoroughly satisfied with their outcome. Although we have not reached that point with your daughter . . . yet, let's agree to meet together to discuss various options. Please contact the office to arrange this appointment.