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The rating:
'My mom was under his care at Toronto East General. She had diabetes, and there was an accident with her foot at the hospital. She complained about the pain and was told it was gout...this went on for months, her toes were turning black. After I complained it was "discovered" it was gangrene. She had above her knee amputated..she died a couple of weeks later because she was too weak to have surgery. If she would have been treated "right away" she might have had a chance and would be alive today. And now Dr. Simmonds won't even own up to his lack of care, and is blaming her! He should be ashamed!!!!!'
I am so sorry for your loss. Lossing one's mother is an inmeturably painful experience to go through. However, after knowing Dr. Simmonds for so many years, I know, that he would NEVER blame his patients for their demise. Try to think (was him beem attacked, blamed, threatened? How would you respond if you were in his place. Dr. Simmonds stablishes very strong, caring relationships with his patients and gives each more time than he is finantially compensated for. He does it because he cares. I bet your mother would have talked to you about his kindness had you inquired. If your heart's pain ever subsides, I hope you can try to take another look at all the facts.