Rating Feedback for Dr. Ramshaw (910555)

The rating:
'I used to think he was a decent doctor, until one day I was unable to call him sick due to parents being out of the country (was too sick to get out of bed). He completely disregarded anything I had to say to him, left me on hold for 15 minutes until I had to call back, and I could only speak to the secretary thereafter. It was too bad he came late that morning, I couldn't even get to speak to him despite calling early, because he had to see his first patient right away. I needed a desperate favor - not even an appointment, but a mere signing of a sheet of paper, and he refused, saying that he could only now refer me to adult services and nothing more. I have seen him for years, and I did not expect this from him. I think he is in more for the business rather than the patient. I find that I helped myself more than any doctor did anyway, but his actions I found were just sickening. I hope we don't get any more psychiatrists like this, I can see more people let down further on in time.'
" A desperate favor","A mere signing of a sheet of paper?"Are you kidding?! I hope you can start taking a bit more responsability for your actions and try to see things your your dr's perspective in the future, that way, you can have a lasting healthier relatioship with him or her. Good psychiatrists are hard to come by you may regret loosing this one later.