Rating Feedback for Dr. Clamp (2565011)

The rating:
'for a doc whose specialty is thyroid disease, dr. clamp is completely in the dark. she switched me from NDT to synthetics -and after i fell into a horrible depression wanted to put me on antidepressants. she made no connection between the depression and the new rx. she'll sit there staring at your labs for a year and a day, yet has no idea how to interpret the results. after eight or nine months with her i finally moved on and found an excellent doc and am feeling much better. when my new doc saw all my previous labs he said it was clear my problem was severe adrenal insufficiency -which is common for thyroid sufferers. he couldn't understand how she could have missed it, ESPECIALLY after i asked specifically it that might be what was wrong. a thyroid patient herself, i should have ran when i first met her and she told me she feels sick every day. hindsight is 20/20.'
who do you go to now....