Rating Feedback for Dr. McConville (929048)

The rating:
'Very ignorant about midwives and homebirths. Tried to impose her own personal feelings stating "I would feel more comfortable if you had a hospital birth" - in direct contravention of drs professional code which states they may not make decisions based on their personal opinions. Due to her personal opinion, refused to give me a prescription for antibiotics to be administered during labour to treat GBS, saying it would be "condoning" a decision she disagreed with. Attitude is very condescending. Does not take the time to provide information, grudgingly answers questions. Could really use a lot of work on her bedside manner. Office staff (receptionist) also very gruff.'
Hi there,
I wanted to let you know that I think perhaps this doctor does show some distaste for midwives and may not support women who have dealt with them. I am notifying my midwives and sending a letter to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to this effect. Maybe you wanted to know you are not alone and voice your opinion as well. Thank you.