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'A CT Head Scan conducted on Oct 24, 2011 confirmed I had a pituitary macroadenoma and my case was referred to Dr. Akagami. He is kind and knowledgeable. He treated me with respect and I felt comfortable with him and trusted his professional judgement. I am very grateful to Dr. Akagami and the others who assisted in the Endonasal Transsphenoidal Surgery on Jan 24, 2012 and those who nursed me in the Vancouver General Hospital. As a matter of fact, I have a nice recovery within 3 weeks time.'
Hi, I have the same issue, pituitary macro adenoma(it is 1.9 * 1.9 cm ) , would you please(please please) let me know what was the result of surgery? Could he remove all of the tumor? Was it done in the first surgery or did you have multiple surgery? And how big was your tumor? did it press the optic nerves?
This will be really helpful for me.