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'When I first arrived at Dr. Gwizdale's office I was pleased to find out she was a female physician. I instantly warmed to her and her softspoken nature. That slowly errored however when I informed her that I had never had children and her demeanor suddenly changed toward me. Later I was asked to lie on the examining table while she took my blood pressure. After the pressure was taken the cuff remained on my arm and I felt a pin prick in my arm and blood rushing into the syringe. My husband later asked why the blood had been taken. I didn't know what to answer him. If anyone has had the same experience please contact me at

If anyone can tell me how to find out if any discipline proceedings have been brought against this Dr. and what action the College of Physicians has taken, I would appreciate it.'
Hi there,

I am contacting you because I saw your review on ratemds.com about Dr. Mary Gwizdal. I know it's been a few years, so I was wondering what ever came of your experience and if you know if Dr. Gwizdal ever faced any disciplinary action.

I saw Dr. Gwizdal recently, after calling around what felt like the entire city of Belleville to find a GP (I only needed a routine pap test) The health unit referred me to Dr Gwizdal and I got in within days. Now I know why. I wish I had taken the time to read the ratemds reviews BEFORE going. I have just been so busy lately.

I had a similar experience. I am only 25 years old but she condescended me for not having children, for my weight, and for not being a catholic. She also drew my blood without asking me or letting me know. I was just gazing towards the window when I felt the prick of the needle. I questioned her and she told me it was for measles? Then when I commented that it HURT she said "Oh I must have hit a nerve" and rolled her eyes that I was in pain.

I am just curious to know if anything ever came of your situation because I am interested in putting in a complaint against Dr. Gwizdal aswell.

Thank you! Hoping to hear from you,