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'I was referred by my family to Dr. Polsky and my initial office visit he was 1 hr 50 min. late. I had to put money in a meter 3 times, staff were not sympathetic or helpful with change,telling me to go to the store across the street or the bakery to get change. My procedure of an endometrial ablasion was suppossed to be minor with no incisions. ( done internally) I woke up with 2 incisions and NO surgery done. I never saw the Dr. he spoke over the phone to my husband,saying he had accidentally punctured my uterus,had to make incisions to fix and my surgery was a failure.(nurses quote) Surgery was on a Monday. no phone call till Fri.from his office to check on me. Went to my family doctor to change my bandages and tell him what happened, he said he wasnt aware of a failure rate at all for this minor surgery. Im meeting with Dr. Polsky in 2 days and will post an update about this so far horrible experience. I feel "care" is lacking in this healthcare.'
Not sure if you asked why he was late, but um maybe he had to deliver a baby? Just saying. And I'm very sorry, but it is not the staff's responsibility to have change on hand for you to feed the meter. That's yours. And there is a free parking lot behind the building that you could have used. Dr.Polsky is an amazing doctor who has the best bed side manner I have ever seen a doctor, however he is human and as humans we do make mistakes. I'm sure that you do, I know I do. And the fact that someone called to check on you at all is great. Most doctors don't call pt's at all. And yes, it was not the best that your husband had to talk to him over the phone regarding your procedure, but again, maybe he needed to rush and deliver someone's baby. I'm not sure about you, but if I had to make a small sacrifice like talking to him on the phone instead of in person, so that a women/family could get their own doctor that they were comfortable with to deliver their baby, I would certainly make that sacrifice. Maybe you should cut him some slack. Hope things work out for you.