Rating Feedback for Dr. DEKLOTZ (2598619)

The rating:
'I saw Dr. Deklotz for headaches and sinus pressure. When he entered the room my husband had answered an important call and was explaining he had to hang up. Dr. Deklotz told my husband he had to leave or get off the phone now. All conversation afterward was directed towards me and my husband was ignored. The Doctor seemed in a hurry, he had no interpersonal skills. He just was very rude and arrogant. I will not go back to Dr. Deklotz again.'
I apologize that you had a less than ideal experience. I work hard to make all patient encounters as pleasant as possible and ask that you allow me to respond to your concerns.
1) With regards to the use of cell phones, I find it distracting and unfair to the patient to have another individual in the room conducting a separate conversation. In this particular case, I was unable to adequately hear the patient in the description of her problems due to the loud volume of the conversation. The individual was asked to either end the call or step outside of the exam room until he was finished. I am sorry if this came across as inconsiderate, for that was certainly not the intent.
2) In response to "ignoring your husband", this was not the intent either. When a patient comes into my office, the primary focus is on them and the medical problem that they are seeking help for. I encourage family to be present and accept any contributions to the history that they may make. When it comes down to it, however, I am there to treat the patient and my attention is focused on the individual in the exam chair.
3) With regards to my interpersonal skills and arrogance, I guess I will just have to disagree with you. I have an excellent working relationship with the vast and overwhelming majority of my patients. I am confident in my abilities and knowledge, but also know my limitations.
I am sorry your office visit did not meet your expectations, but I believe this to be the rare exception rather than the rule.

Tim DeKlotz, MD