Rating Feedback for Dr. MEHTA (2437047)

The rating:
'STAY AWAY. I called in advance and inquired about getting a free consultation to get an implant estimate to compare to the cost for replacing a bridge. I was told it would be free if I can bring recent X-ray and I did. They asked for insurance info to get accurate estimates. The dentist saw me for few minutes, looked at the x-ray, never asked me to open my mouth. On the way out, they asked for a $70 exam fee. I was furious because a free consultation was arranged and agreed on but they changed their mind once they got me in there. I refused to pay so they billed my insurance for $150 for the 5 minutes I was there. I had bad feeling because the dentist made very uncomfortable as she kept asking to do more x-rays since she noticed that I have many problems that my general dentist didn't notice. I had to remind her that I was there mainly to get an implant estimate. So, STAY AWAY......'
Implant consults are never free. Patient had been informed that if there is insurance involved it will be filed for. There is an office fee associated with consultation and second opinions as mentioned. X-rays if not diagnostic are needed for proper diagnosis and treatment plan.