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'I chose Dr. Ruggles for my first pregnancy on a referral. On average I waited 2 hours to see her, one time 3 hours. There were never enough chairs in the waiting room for everyone to sit. Dr. Ruggles would talk about patients out in the open, so confidentiality was an issue. While I saw her she when through 3 different secretaries, one walking out on her and quitting while there was a full room of patients. My blood pressure would sky rocket because I would get so anxious and angry waiting that she would send me to get stress tests weekly near the end of my pregnancy not realizing it was only in her office. She had terrible bed side manor. Made a comment that she would need to do a c section on me if her shift wasn't over soon and forced me to do an induction even though I didn't belive I needed it. I believe she is in it for the money only and really doesn't care for her patients. More c sections is more money. I DO NOT reccommend.'
I think that you have your doctors mixed up when speaking about being in it for the money....perhaps you meant Dr. Odueke. Who most certainly is very quick to sign you up for a C-section despite the fact that you do not require it. Dr. Ruggles is by far the most amazing and thorough doctor who delivers at Ajax-Pickering hospital. I have been a patient of Dr. Ruggles for several years and I have not seen one instance where confidentiality was ever an issue. Her concern is her patients. During one of my deliveries she stayed 4 hours beyond her shift because of her care and concern for me as a patient. Does that really sound like someone who is a hurry to deliver her patients and would therefore force them into a c-section to fit her timeline? I don`t think so! The last thing that Dr. Ruggles is in it for is the money...she is in it out of genuine concern and care for her patients. I WOULD RECOMMEND!!!!

I agree with the first

I agree with the first patient...DO NOT RECOMMEND

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