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'I was the patient of Dr. Chuong back in 2012 and I had bad experience with his clinic ( painful journey with nurses, spending $11,850 for nothing, and did not get pregnant from IVF). The IVF coordinator Antoinette tricked me in getting IVF quicker and done on their timing schedule in order to get money. Dr Chuong did not give me proper diagnosis tests first before proceeding to IVF ( no FSH level, no AMH level, etc ). Dr Chuong's nurses are very terrible at drawing blood when I went there for progresterone and estradiol tests during stims week. The IVF coordinator is very disorganized and keeps giving injection dosage instructions at very late time, almost bedtime. Please go to the real and honest doctors and they will give u proper diagnostic testing and do IVF right way. I will never choose this doctor again.'
Dear patient: First I want to start by saying; sorry you did not have a successful outcome thru the IVF process. We always consult patient about the pregnancy rate prior to proceeding with IVF, and we stress to patient this is not a 100% guarantee.
I want to address your negative remarks one by one
# 1 you claim that I, Antoinette as an IVF coordinator tricked you into IVF. To clarify that point, I do not make decisions regarding the treatment. You as an educated patient make the decisions to pursue the treatment or not. It stats on the IVF consents that you and your spouse sign, that this is a voluntary treatment and you elected to undergo the procedure.
# 2. Please review all other comments that are on all the other websites you have been posting your remarks as to how painful it was for you to deal with the nurses. We have the most friendly and courteous clinical staff there is. We treat patient like we want others to treat us.
# 3. As for the remarks regarding FSH testing, I have been with Dr. Chuong for so many years and have not seen a patient go thru any treatment without testing the FSH, it is the most basic test that is done on day 3 of cycle.
# 4. As for the AMH, we do not do test on all patient that walk thru the office, this test is done on patient that have compromised ovarian reserve.
In the end, we wish you best of luck and a successful pregnancy with your new IVf doctor. It is time for you to move one and change all you negative energy into a positive one.
Antoinette IVf coordinator.

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