Rating Feedback for Dr. Monkarsh (2582505)

The rating:
'He took a phone call during the session (personal) and got up to look at his phone every time it rang. He made me feel uncomfortable and was very judgemental. Wasn't really interested in talking to my son. Kept question any answer I gave him as if I were being dishonest. Usually if you are expecting someone to lie to you you are usually projecting. He was very interested in getting paid. he gave my a quote that was way off what the insurance company had said, actually 2x what the insurance had quoted. When I question he change the amount. Then charged me a large amount for the first visit and said that is how they do it. He asked if I wanted a reciept, I said yes and then he said he wasn't able to print one. So I have no reciept of payment and not copy of the service bill, he send that to the insurance. Took 1/2 a day off work and wasted a lot of money. PS my mom is a phychologist. I didn't tell him that, but called her immidiately. She was appalled.'
I'm so sorry you had such a negative perception of what happened during the session. Your session may have occurred on a day when one of my family members was in the hospital and I needed to be ready to head to the hospital if her condition worsened. I apologize that you were uncomfortable by the phone calls. In my 20 years of practice, a phone emergency like that has happened maybe one other time. As for the insurance and payments, if I am not a preferred provider from your insurance, my rates, and your insurance rates are not the same, so it is easy to be confused about that. As for receipts, some people do not want credit card receipts, and others like receipts on my letter head, and I provide both. Rarely, while talking to patients, the time to obtain credit card receipts with the machine runs out, and then I write a receipt on my letter head for those patients. I would be happy to provide you with another receipt, and a full explanation of fees if you would like one. In addition, my billing service would be happy to provide a full statement of all services, fees, and payments that have been made.