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The rating:
'He diagnosed my teeenage son with ADHD. He blamed me for not seeing the symptoms sooner and told me that it was too late to help my son, right in front of my son! He was cruel, awful and I will never go back to him.'
He did the same thing to me and my seven year old. I had my son to see him One year prior with problems related to ADHD but at that time told me it was just bowel problem. Strange how he was so extremely rude to me about not recognizing symptoms earlier. Perhaps he should have read my sons chart before entering the room. His receptionist is unbelievably rude and thinks she is a doctor. She stayed things about my sons school that was most definitely against medical rules and guidelines. She has now taken on the name calling "mum" as well. To sum everything up. I do not feel comfortable with this doctor diagnosing my son with anything! He didn't listen to anything I said to him. If he would have there would have been a lot of problems eliminated in my sons life.