Rating Feedback for Dr. Hashemi (2582206)

The rating:
'I saw dr hashemi my entire pregnancy. I had to have a c-section delivery. Dr hashemi did the surgery and literally did not say a word to me the whole time. When the baby was taken out she didn't hold her up to show me or at the least say congratulations..Nothing. After they took my daughter out of the room and she was stitching me up, we sat there in silence for 30 mins.When I went for my incision check up she was not there so I saw traci. Later I went for my 6 week postpartum check up and AGAIN I saw traci. So I haven't seen her since the delivery. I am so disappointed in her.I also got a bill from her husband for 1,950.00. I called the office because I'd never heard of him so I called the office and they told me he assists all of her c-sections. She never asked me or told me he would be there. My insurance didn't pay for an assistant when it wasn't necessary. It's just another way for him and her to get some extra cash. I will NEVER recommend her or return to her office ever again.'
I am sorry about ur experience. I did have a good experience with dr neda hashimi. I would like to thank you for your review and ur comment about her husband billing you. Something like that happened in a dermatologist with me, I was charged because another dr assisted my doctor without me knowing it and I had to pay. Thanks again, I will make sure her husband doesn't come to my delivery .